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Best Business To Start In 2011

Before You Spend Any Money Read This!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you first and foremost for taking time to read this article. My goal is to inform you on what is in my opinion the best business to start in 2011. Being involved in internet marketing for some time now has allowed me to learn what works and what doesn’t. Also, I have learned from experience where things might be going. So without any further intros, here is what I believe is the best business to start in 2011.

Network Marketing best business to start in 2011 gerardo flores

Yes that is correct! Network marketing when done right has the potential to make people a fortune in today’s economy. The concept is simple yet extremely powerful. Network marketing has stood the test of time. This business model allows ordinary people to come in with very little investment and little risk, yet has the potential to make 6-7 figures in a short period of time. (Compare THAT to a brick and mortar business!)

best business to start in 2011Network Marketing Vs. Traditional Business

When starting a traditional business a person must invest up to (depending on the business) several hundred thousand dollars. They must go into debt, (since not everyone has that kind of cash laying around!) invest in inventory, pay for marketing, hire and train employees, pay rent, etc. And according to statistics most new business take an average of 5 years to turn a profit. Ughhhh..

Network Marketing requires little investment upfront to start. Many successful business men endorse network marketing as a tool they would use should they had to build their fortunes again. Recently Donald Trump started his very own network marketing business because he knows the power behind the business model. Also Robert Kiyosaki ,a well respected financial teacher- endorses network marketing. I don’t know about you but when 2 of the most successful business men tell me that this model works, I LISTEN.

The concept is simple

  1. Join the network marketing company of your choice.
  2. Market the products.
  3. Recruit people.
  4. Collect the checks

Don’t get me wrong, it does take work. It requires that you educate yourself first, learn leadership skills, and marketing. However, these are skills that can be learned and harnessed more easily when you are a part of a community of entrepreneurs who are there teaching you these skills on a daily basis. The challenge with network marketing is people don’t take the time to really learn the necessary skills to make it a successful enterprise. They give up to soon without letting their business take root. That is why it is imperative that you team up with successful network marketers who will guide you and help you on a continuous basis until you reach your goals.

Why I Recommend Network Marketing

The reason I strongly recommend network marketing is because this is one of the only business that is not affected by the economy. If you pick the right company and the right mentors, you can live the life of your dreams regardless of what the economy is doing.

If anyone asks me what I think the best business to start in 2011 is I tell them without any hesitation that network marketing is the best business to start in 2011!

Gerardo Flores is a member of a “secret society” of entrepreneurs who teach skills, methods, and strategies to start and run a successful business from home. Only people who are serious about earning 6-7 figures are allowed. Click below to see if you qualify to become a member today and start living your dreams while everyone else continues to struggle! GO HERE NOW!

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